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Gossip Girl: Season 1 Episode 5: "Dare Devil"

I personally loved the fifth episode of Gossip Girl. It is the beginning of the romantic relationship of Dan Humphrey and Serena Van der Woodsen. Since Dan knows of Serena and her high class lifestyle he attempts to pull off an elaborate plan. He does not know that Serena does not need all these things to impress her. She would be happy just hanging out with Dan. Another side story involves Dan's little sister, Jenny, who is desperate to impress the hierarchy of Constance. She happily accepts an invitation to Blair Waldorf's infamous sleepover. Jenny finds out that this is no ordinary run of the mill sleepover. They play a dramatic game of Truth or Dare, where someone has to to fend for themselves. Lastly, Serena's brother Erik has been missing from rehab. His mother Lily, and Dan's father, Rufus try and search for Erik. In this episode, viewers and characters in the story discover why Erik was institutionalized in the first place. This explosive episode epitomizes the dramatic nature we know as Gossip Girl.